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Our team of professional Tipster Champion advisors is far reaching and covers all major sports including horse racing, football, golf, Tennis and greyhound racing.
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If you are on the lookout for top Quality Sports Betting Tips then you have come to the right place and from here on in Tipster Champions should be your one stop shop for all things Sports Betting.

Every day we will deliver one top tip from our team of Ultimate Tipster Champions to your inbox and keep you in the loop of what is hot and what is not in the Betting World.

Why is Tipster Champions different from other Tipping Platforms?

Tipster Champions is an ITP (Independent Tipping Platform) which means we don’t manage any tipsters or have affiliates to worry about and are in fact totally independent in our quest to find the very best. We only have one goal and that is to feature the very best proven Tipsters and systems and to help YOU the Punter to make money.

We are looking for only the very best Tipsters in the different sports betting markets and only when we have concrete proof they are worthy will they qualify to become a Tipster Champion.

Each Day we will deliver one top sports betting tip to you from one of our Tipster Champions. This is totally FREE OF CHARGE! NO PayPal or Credit Card Needed.

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